Lots of people in the Denver metro region understand the importance of being environmentally friendly. Yet most people have no idea that they can choose eco-friendly roofing materials when it comes time to reroof their home.

Did you know that roofs have been linked to an undesirable impact on the greenhouse effect? It’s true!  When the sun shines down on your roof, your roof reflects light into the atmosphere.

When you consider the amount of homes in Denver that are doing this together, the impact can be substantial, because it helps to create a “heat island” effect.  It’s largely held that heat islands can erode the atmosphere.

Eco-friendly roofing options for your Denver, CO home

If you’re wanting to use environmentally friendly materials when you re-roof your home, wood can be an excellent choice. Cedar shingles (and cedar shakes) are harvested from trees, which means they’re not manufactured. Since they’re not manufactured, you don’t need to worry about them being made with toxic chemicals in pollution-spouting factories.

It’s also worth noting that roofs that are made with cedar shake last for a very long time. Not to mention that when it comes time to replace it, the wood can be recycled.

Think about metal

If you’re interested in an environmentally friendly roof that will last a long time, you may want to ask your Denver, CO roofer about metal roofing options.  This type of roof is also known as a cool roof, because they can help reduce your in-home energy use, because it will help keep heat inside your home during the winter, and the warmth from the sun outside during the summer.  Metal roofs can also last up to 50 years!

Consider installing a skylight

Although most people don’t think of skylights as being environmentally friendly, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Why? Because they provide homeowners with an abundance of natural light, which can help save you money on your lighting bill.

Recycled shingles are also an option

When we talk about recycled shingles, we’re not suggesting you gather up the shingles that have been stripped from your neighbor’s home when that home is having a new roof put on.

Instead, we’re referring to shingles that are made from recycled materials such as wood fiber, rubber or plastic.  Recycled shingles help prevent this type of waste from winding up in landfills.

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