Lots of people are going solar– and considering the fact that the Denver metropolitan area boasts more than 300 of sunshine each and every year, it’s a popular choice for locals.

At the same time, it’s natural to be concerned about the type of impact that solar panels can have on your roof.

Some homeowners and business owners are concerned about damage to their Denver roofing system; they wonder if they’ll need to worry about the installers putting holes in the roof, this could lead leaks and water damage.

Others have expressed concern that solar panels could void their roof’s warranty.  If the roof is dented or otherwise damaged during the install, this could have a largely negative impact on your coverage.

If you’re thinking about going solar, you’ll want to consider the following things before you hire an installation company.

Do you need to hire a Denver roofing company to repair or replace your roof?

If you suspect parts of your roof are in need of repair or you expect to hire a Denver roofing contractor to reroof your home in the next few years, you’ll want to hold off on installing solar panels until the work is done.

If you don’t wait, when it comes time to schedule the work, you’ll need to re-hire the solar installation company to take the panels down, deconstruct them and put them back on once the repairs and/or reroofing is complete.  This is obviously the type of expense you’d want to avoid.

Have you cleared it with the HOA?

Many people are surprised to learn that some homeowners’ associations prohibit solar panels because they find them aesthetically displeasing.

You’ll want to make sure that solar panels are permitted before you schedule an install.

Does your roof get enough sunlight?

If your home is shaded by large-canopy trees, or if you’re considering plating large, shading trees in the near future, your Denver, Colorado home might not be the best candidate for solar.

Does the solar installation company know what they’re doing?

As we mentioned earlier, if your roof is damaged during the install you’re bound to run into some problems. How much experience does the company have? Do they work with their own people or do they hire subcontractors? Are they accredited with the BBB?  Are they licensed and insured? Will they offer a written guarantee that the installation of solar panels won’t void the warranty for your roof?

All of these points are important to consider.

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