If you’ve come to the decision that it’s time to hire a contractor to repair the roof on your Aurora, Colorado home, you may be wondering how you can sort the reliable, reputable companies from the ones you shouldn’t hire.

You know you’ll want to get multiple quotes, but you’re not sure what types of questions you should ask.

For this blog post, we wanted to address some of the things that will help you make an informed decision.

Ask if they offer a warranty on both materials and workmanship

A reputable roofing company in Aurora, CO will always offer a workmanship warranty. If something is done incorrectly, or if the contractors damage your roof while they’re repairing it, you may not notice this damage for years.

Your homeowners’ insurance policy won’t cover repairs for damage that was caused by a contractor. Suffice to say, if a roofing contractor doesn’t offer a workmanship warranty, cross them off your list.

Are they licensed and insured?

If John Doe roofer is going door to door in your neighborhood searching for work, this should be a big red flag. Why? Because it’s highly unlikely that he’s licensed, and we’ll bet you a bushel of apples that he’s not insured.

Yes, an unlicensed contractor will generally undercut their competition on price, but when you work with him, you won’t get any guarantees.  First, how do you know he’ll finish the work? How do you know if he’ll perform the repairs correctly? Can you be truly confident he won’t do damage to your home? If this does happen, can you be confident you’ll be able to track him down so you can serve him with summons to appear in small claims court?

Not to mention, that if he injures himself while he’s working on your property, you could be liable to cover his medical expenses. If you have questions as to whether the Aurora, Colorado roofing contractor you’re talking with is licensed and insured, ask them to provide you proof.

If they can’t (or won’t), buyer beware.

What have prior clients said about their experience in working with this contractor?

If the Aurora, CO roofing company doesn’t have a Facebook page, a Yelp page, a Google+ page and they’re not accredited with the BBB, this should also be a big red flag.

Reputable roofing contractors have, at the very least, a Facebook and/or Yelp page.

Honest, reputable roofing company in Aurora Colorado

Hiring any sort of contractor can be stressful, but when you work with Great Western Roofing you can be assured you’re hiring a roof repair company that has almost a decade of experience.

We only hire the best workers and we’re committed to getting roof repairs done both on time and on budget. We’re committed to providing all of our customers with courteous service and we always offer a workmanship warranty.

For more information on Great Western Roofing or to schedule a time for us to come out to your home to provide you with a free, written repair estimate, call us today at 720-379-8175.