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Solar Panel Installations

Once upon a time, the sun was humanity’s first inspiration of energy via fire.  Even back then it was a metaphorical alliteration of life, often revered as a celestial being that provided our essence and was the source of growing the ever-so important sustenance that fueled our civilizations to develop intellectually/technologically.  As that technology grew over thousands of years society slowly moved away from this, developing alternatives from the original source.

Skip ahead to 2016.

Things have changed.  “Dirty energy” contributes to the decay of our planet every day.  Now we’re looking back to one of the most abundant sources of energy available to us.


Fortunately…there’s hope and every little bit helps.

Great Western Roofing wants to help you be apart of the new wave that will not only save you money every year but also help you protect the planet every day.


Help the environment; fatten your wallet:

-In Colorado you can claim back up to 30% of your solar installation on your taxes

-With some energy companies you can get an up-front rebate for solar panels based on the size of your installations

-Solar panels increase the value of your home (rule of thumb — annual power bill savings x 20)

-SREC’s – State legislature mandates require utility companies to have a certain part of power requirements from renewable sources by 2020

-The state can credit you one SREC for every 1000 kWh of power (that can be close to $1000 a year)

-Solar panels have no recurring costs once installed

-No noise pollution with solar panels

The benefits of solar panel installations are exponential!  Not only does it serve a good purpose for environmental friendly motives but it’s the system that keeps paying you back for us and generations to come…

It’s our company initiative to progress forward and not always does it mean to sign more people up, we believe in quality not quantity.  Sometimes it means to help with the progression towards a more environmentally friendly community.  It’s our community too and we love Colorado for all the beauty it brings us, just like we know you do too.

GWR was founded in Colorado and it is where our heart will always stay, so why not give back to this gorgeous state and help retain everything we cherish about it?

It’s an easy process for you that requires a little bit of a commitment and we take care of all the hard parts of the process after you are commited.  Now what could be better than that?

With an easy installation process and the opportunity to potentially save thousands of dollars, what’s stopping you?  Give us a call and find out what your options are!