At Great Western Roofing, we pay attention to changes and developments within our field and in the Denver area. The most recent and interesting development is the passage of the Green Roof Initiative. But what is it anyway?

Essentially the green roof concept boils down to an attempt at environmentally-friendly roofing options, including native plants and makeshift habitats for local species atop the city of Denver commercial structures. If executed in its entirety, the initiative would create a blanket of greenery across Denver rooftops, helping to curb what scientists call the ‘heat island’ effect that’s common in urban areas. The effect happens when an abundance of asphalt, concrete, and other building materials associated with urban areas attract more heat from the sun in a concentrated form, thus creating warmer temperatures. Unfortunately, scientists also claim this increased heat poses a problem for species and plants local to the Denver area, essentially displacing them. Because the initiative passed a few months back, building owners in Denver will now be searching for ways to add greenery to its roofs and adhere to the ordinance. This, in an economic sense, is often costly to those building owners, who will most likely look to reshuffle budgets to accommodate the mandated project. However, those who voted for the measure maintain that the initial costs up-front will help curb the so-called ‘heat island’ effect, helping preserve the natural beauty associated with Denver.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, it’s an interesting development in the field of roofing, and offers yet another way for industry professionals to debate, think ahead and innovate accordingly to keep up with the demands of our customer base. At Great Western Roofing, we’ve already gotten on board with offering environmentally-savvy roofing solutions in the form of solar energy and reflective shingles to help homes avoid overheating in the upper levels. As our industry changes, we’ll continue to do our best to bring our customers not only what they need in terms of high-level efficiency and service, but also what they want when it comes to helping the planet in the process.

What do you think of Denver recent Green Roof Initiative? Contact Great Western Roofing today to inquire about environmentally friendly roofing solutions we offer for residential and commercial spaces.