As winter dwindles in the next few months, it may be time to consider cleaning your rain gutters. With snowfall and storms throughout the fall and winter, ice and debris can pile up in these spaces, adding excess weight to your gutters’ relatively fragile placement on the edge of your roof. Plus, ice can easily lead to cracking or bloated gutters, which can then lead to premature damage as temperatures heat back up again in the area.

As far as maintenance, there are a few obvious tips that all homeowners should commit to memory when it comes to the rain gutters. At the end of the day, no one wants to do this chore, but we believe it’s essential to maintaining the value of a home’s roof and keeping it safe from debris build-up and potential leaks, as related repairs can be costly and unexpected for homeowners and their families. Those damages can also trickle down to your foundation or stay local to the gutter system itself. Regardless of the severity of water-related damage this winter, it’s important to stay out ahead of breakage that can cost you.

Save the past two weeks, it’s been generally dry on the Front Range and in the Denver Metro area. This does not mean that cleaning out the rain gutters is less of a priority though. In fact, the chore may be safer and more doable during a dry year, since the safety hazards associated with scaling the side of your house and attempting to pull debris off the roof and out of the gutters is a bit scaled back without snow and ice to deal with. Regardless, be sure to complete the task with a few essentials: a partner, a properly-sized ladder, trash bags, and gloves. Keep the trash bags down below to drop debris onto from above. Use gloves or tools to scoop whatever’s caught in the gutter out of it. Your chore buddy can spot the ladder, hand you tools, or even switch off physically cleaning the gutters with you. It’s always safer to do jobs that require a ladder with a partner, just in case a fall happens.

If you’d rather not repeat the chore come next year, talk to your local roofing experts at Great Western Roofing about rain gutter covers and other solutions to avoid the same level of debris build-up in years to come. With years of experience in the roofing business, we know all the secrets to saving time and money!