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Denver Gutters

Homes and businesses exposed to rain, snow and other elements day and night, during winter, spring, summer and fall. A high-quality roof from Great Western Roofing goes a long way towards protecting the interior from these exterior risks. However, there is one addition that can make protecting any structure easier—a good set of gutters. Luckily, one of the same great roofing companies in Denver that you turn to for roof repair and replacement can assist you with choosing and installing gutters too. Let us show you some of the products we offer and help you begin the selection process.

The Two Basic Types of Gutter:

•    K-Style Gutters – K-Style gutters are the most common of all styles. The back and bottom are flat, and the front usually has some form of decorative shape. The tops are curved or angled to guide water into the gutter.
•    Half Round Gutters – The design of a half round gutter couldn’t be any simpler—they are made from a “half tube.” This style of gutter is more commonly found on old-style or rustic style homes, but they can be a decorative touch in many cases.
Materials for Gutters

Gutter Material Options:
•    Aluminum – Aluminum is the most common gutter material. It is lightweight and relatively fast to install. Aluminum doesn’t rust and can be utilized in its natural state or painted.
•    Seamless Aluminum – Seamless aluminum is made at the job site. Since the gutters are seamless, there is less chance of leaking. For the gutter manufacturer, this is a good choice too, because transport is easier. However, the job does require specialized machinery.
•    Copper – Copper gutters are one of the most durable options. While they are a bit more expensive than aluminum gutters, the results are stunning. Copper gutters don’t require painting or finishing, they naturally develop a patina over time, pairing well with historic homes.
•    Steel – Steel gutters are very strong and heavy, but they do begin to rust over time if they are not painted and maintained. Steel gutters are often an option on commercial projects, rather than residential jobs.
•    Vinyl – Vinyl gutters are the lightweight alternative. They are inexpensive, and not recommended for areas with harsh direct sunlight or cold weather exposure. Vinyl gutters are not painted, but rather manufactured in the shade desired for the home.

Downspouts are an important part of the gutter system. They are crafted in either round or square shapes, in widths that range from 3 to 6 inches. The purpose of the downspout is to guide water safely away from the home’s foundation when the gutters catch it. The more gutters a home or building has, the more downspouts will be necessary.

Because your gutters are such an important part of a home or commercial building, choosing the right ones are crucial. You shouldn’t deal with this process alone. Reach out to the commercial and residential roofing team at Great Western Roofing and Construction today to learn more or schedule a consultation with one of our gutter and roofing contractors. Our goal is to help you make your home or place of business a comfortable, safe place for you and those around you. We look forward to working with you!