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Denver Attic Insulation

Your roof is an important part of keeping you protected from the harsh weather that Coloradans deal with every year, but are you aware of what lies below a roof to keep all that heat in and all that cold out?

A properly insulated attic is important.  You could be spending too much on you heating and air conditioning bills!  Any roof contractor you talk to knows the importance of great insulation, but not everyone will care as much as us.

To ensure your roof efficiency, Great Western Roofing and Construction is conveniently available 24 hours a day for estimates and inspections.  GWR has put in thousands of hours of premium roof and attic insulation installs to make sure you get every penny’s worth.  This will keep you and your family protected from the severe cold all winter long, for years to come.

We provide different types of insulation to fit all your needs: wood fiber, perlite, polyisocyanurate, expanded or extruded polystyrene, cellular glass, gypsum board and AttiCat.  Our specialty lies in blown-in attic insulation, such as, AttiCat.

AttiCat Fiberglass Insulation Benefits

Increasing the level of your attic insulation and air sealing in your attic can save you up to 25% on you energy bills annually.  There is no other energy efficiency home improvement project with a faster ROI than AttiCat blown-in insulation.


-It pays for itself in as little as 2 years

-Makes your home more energy efficient and environmentally friendly

-With a bigger family or multiple roofs to cover, your savings increase more and more, year after year

But that’s not all

AttiCat insulation not only keeps your home warmer in the winter, but it keeps your home cooler in the summer too!

Attic insulation acts as a barrier to both heat and cold.  Temperatures in an attic can reach between 120-140 degrees in the summertime.  Being that we specialize in a variety of roofing needs, it stresses the importance of taking care of your whole system to avoid such extreme heats and, more importantly, keep you feeling right as rain during all seasons.

It takes more than just knowing a product for a great installation, it takes heart and dedication to an ideal constantly held over time; YOU.

At Great Western Roofing, we don’t just care about putting in any product and hope it works.  We strive to put in the best available to make sure you stay comfortable in your castle all the time, hence, our life-time guarantee and extensive follow-up on every project.

Put your mind at ease


It’s simple:

-Blow-in insulation takes less than 2 hours (the whole job will take less than a day)

-Self-feeding system

-Insulation where you want it

Keep it clean:

-Fiberglass insulation releases and expands inside the machine

-Low dust system

-Fully enclosed system so fiberglass isn’t spread around everywhere

-Easy cleanup (which we take care of completely)

No matter what project it is we’ll have it done within the day, generally, and insulation is no different.  Give us a call and find out what makes us one of the best Denver roofing companies.