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How the Insurance Claims Process Works

Client Agreement

Signing of the contingency agreement with a Great Western representative establishing our working relationship should your claim be approved by your insurance company.

Call in Claim

Contact your insurance company and request for an adjustor to come inspect your roof. If ask to provide a date of loss, you may tell them you have been informed of the wind/hail damage to your roof and are unaware of the specific date.

Adjustment Information

Your insurance company will provide you with an inspection date. Great Western recommends the homeowner be available at this time, but it is not required.

Contact Great Western Representative

Please contact your Great Western representative and provide the date/time of the scheduled inspection. Your representative will be there to negotiate the claim on your behalf.


If the adjuster approves hail/wind damage for complete replacement, he will provide a cost estimate itemizing the amount to be paid on your claim. Great Western will review the insurance estimate to be sure that all damage has been accounted for and the diagrams and measurements used are accurate. Should your claim be denied, we can request a re-inspection with usually positive results.

First Insurance Check

The first check you will receive is for the Actual Cash Value (”ACV”) of your existing roof. If you are the only party named on the check, you can simply sign the check over to Great Western and we can begin the process of choosing and ordering materials for you roof. In most cases, however, the check will be addressed to both you and your mortgage company. In this case, do not endorse the check. Instead, send the check to your mortgage company so they can endorse first and send back to you. Once the check is returned, you can either sign it over to Great Western or deposit it yourself and write a personal check.

Contact Great Western Rep For Pick Up

Upon depositing your first check, please contact your Great Western representative for pick up. You can either sign over the initial check or deposit and write a personal check in the same amount.

Material Selection and Delivery

Your Great Western representative will help you select an adequate replacement shingle. There are a variety of manufactures and choices, but Great Western recommends using at least a 30 year shingle (this is code in most cities). Once a selection has been made, the materials will be delivered to your home and loaded to your rooftop.

Schedule Project Date

A project date will be scheduled at your convenience. We ask that on the day/days of your job that the driveway be left clear for the crews and their equipment. Most jobs take only 1 day to complete. It is important to leave the permit in your window posted until your Great Western rep removes it after the cities inspection.

Final Insurance Check

Once your roof is completed, Great Western will invoice your insurance company for the “Recoverable Depreciation Value. This check will be the final check from the insurance company. Once you receive it, please contact your Great Western representative for pick up. Most clients will also be responsible at this time for your insurance deductible, which can be made out by personal check. This will complete your project.