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Reasons to Hire Great Western Roofing

If you need to repair or replace your roof you should never, ever, work with a fly-by-night contractor.

When you hire Great Western Roofing, you can rest easy in knowing that you’re working with an experienced, licensed contractor that has been providing quality roofing services for more than a dozen years.

We provide roofing inspections, roof certifications and we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of customer satisfaction to our clients.

Exceeding expectations

At Great Western Roofing we don’t just want to meet our clients’ expectations—we want to exceed them.  We’ve developed a reputation for going above and beyond, which is why we’re the most referred roofing contractor in Denver, CO.

I had a leak in my kitchen and was referred to Great Western from a neighbor on our street that highly recommended them. Sean, one of their representatives came by to give me a quote on how much it would cost for the leak to be repaired. I’m quite pleased and based on my personal experience I would highly recommend Great Western Roofing. My house looks amazing!!!! – Brittany H.

Call Great Western Roofing today at 720-379-8175 to learn why we’re a 5-star rated Denver, Colorado roofing company.

We’re the residential roofing experts

We understand your home is among your most valuable investments, which is why taking care of it (and your roof) is such a high priority.

Your roof protects your family from rain, snow and hail and it protects your belongings from damage. It helps keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

When it comes time to repair, or replace it, you’ll want to work with a licensed contractor in Denver who has a proven track record and a long list of happy clients.

At Great Western Roofing our company has been providing roofing services in Denver, Colorado since 2009. We’re experienced in working with asphalt shingles, stone coated steel roofing, tile roofing, metal roofing and we can even help with solar panel installations.

(In Colorado, you can claim up to 30% of the cost of your solar panel installation on your taxes. Check with your accountant to get more information on how this works.)

We can help you complete repairs and we can help you with reroofing. Do you need help with attic insulation? Look no further; we can help with that, too.

Gutter replacement in Denver

Gutters are an important component of every home and office building, so choosing the right type of gutter (and the right company to install it) is a must.

At Great Western Roofing we can help you understand the pros and cons of different types of gutters, so you can make the best, most informed choice as possible.

For more information on roof repair, replacement, reroofing, gutter installations, solar panels, roof certification or attic insulation, call us now at 720-379-8175 to speak with one of our customer satisfaction agents.

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Getting Out Of the Gutter: Cleaning Out Ice and Debris This Winter

As winter dwindles in the next few months, it may be time to consider cleaning your rain gutters. With snowfall and storms throughout the fall and winter, ice and debris can pile up in these spaces, adding excess weight to your gutters’ relatively fragile placement on the edge of your roof. Plus, ice can easily lead to cracking or bloated gutters, which can then lead to premature damage as temperatures heat back up again in the area.

As far as maintenance, there are a few obvious tips that all homeowners should commit to memory when it comes to the rain gutters. At the end of the day, no one wants to do this chore, but we believe it’s essential to maintaining the value of a home’s roof and keeping it safe from debris build-up and potential leaks, as related repairs can be costly and unexpected for homeowners and their families. Those damages can also trickle down to your foundation or stay local to the gutter system itself. Regardless of the severity of water-related damage this winter, it’s important to stay out ahead of breakage that can cost you.

Save the past two weeks, it’s been generally dry on the Front Range and in the Denver Metro area. This does not mean that cleaning out the rain gutters is less of a priority though. In fact, the chore may be safer and more doable during a dry year, since the safety hazards associated with scaling the side of your house and attempting to pull debris off the roof and out of the gutters is a bit scaled back without snow and ice to deal with. Regardless, be sure to complete the task with a few essentials: a partner, a properly-sized ladder, trash bags, and gloves. Keep the trash bags down below to drop debris onto from above. Use gloves or tools to scoop whatever’s caught in the gutter out of it. Your chore buddy can spot the ladder, hand you tools, or even switch off physically cleaning the gutters with you. It’s always safer to do jobs that require a ladder with a partner, just in case a fall happens.

If you’d rather not repeat the chore come next year, talk to your local roofing experts at Great Western Roofing about rain gutter covers and other solutions to avoid the same level of debris build-up in years to come. With years of experience in the roofing business, we know all the secrets to saving time and money!

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Green Roof

Green Roof Basics: Breaking Down Denver’s Ordinance

At Great Western Roofing, we pay attention to changes and developments within our field and in the Denver area. The most recent and interesting development is the passage of the Green Roof Initiative. But what is it anyway?

Essentially the green roof concept boils down to an attempt at environmentally-friendly roofing options, including native plants and makeshift habitats for local species atop the city of Denver’s commercial structures. If executed in its entirety, the initiative would create a blanket of greenery across Denver’s rooftops, helping to curb what scientists call the ‘heat island’ effect that’s common in urban areas. The effect happens when an abundance of asphalt, concrete, and other building materials associated with urban areas attract more heat from the sun in a concentrated form, thus creating warmer temperatures. Unfortunately, scientists also claim this increased heat poses a problem for species and plants local to the Denver area, essentially displacing them. Because the initiative passed a few months back, building owners in Denver will now be searching for ways to add greenery to its roofs and adhere to the ordinance. This, in an economic sense, is often costly to those building owners, who will most likely look to reshuffle budgets to accommodate the mandated project. However, those who voted for the measure maintain that the initial costs up-front will help curb the so-called ‘heat island’ effect, helping preserve the natural beauty associated with Denver.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, it’s an interesting development in the field of roofing, and offers yet another way for industry professionals to debate, think ahead and innovate accordingly to keep up with the demands of our customer base. At Great Western Roofing, we’ve already gotten on board with offering environmentally-savvy roofing solutions in the form of solar energy and reflective shingles to help homes avoid overheating in the upper levels. As our industry changes, we’ll continue to do our best to bring our customers not only what they need in terms of high-level efficiency and service, but also what they want when it comes to helping the planet in the process.

What do you think of Denver’s recent Green Roof Initiative? Contact Great Western Roofing today to inquire about environmentally friendly roofing solutions we offer for residential and commercial spaces.

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Ready To Sell? Get Your Roofing Certification To Add Value

If you’re looking to hop in on Colorado’s fast-paced, competitive housing market next year, keep in mind that your home may be due for an appraisal or inspection in the near future. As a local company, we’re well-versed in what gets local homes above the passing mark—and what helps them stand out from the crowd—when it comes to these kinds of inspections. Of course, our area of expertise lies up on the roof of your home, but these inspections at large include much more than a visual inspection of what’s up on the rooftop.

Of course, looking into a roof certification requires a little more time, effort, and money than a normal, everyday home inspection. Inspectors who give out certifications will often walk your roof and inspect all exposed areas for potential repair needs, obvious wear, shingles, gutters, any former repairs that are cosmetically obvious to the eye, and the general quality of your roofing materials and installation. They’ll also take the pitch (angle) of your roof into account.

If any further repairs are needed when the inspector comes, the certification standards will automatically not be met. Our experts at Great Western Roofing understand the requirements and parameters of these inspections, and can easily bring your roof up to standard with a quick inspection of our own and a repair appointment to match. Of course, our priority is to perform repairs and roofing installations in order to keep neighboring families in our service area safe and sound all year long, but we’re also happy to work on a home that’s in the process of selling as well – especially if a roof certification would increase the resale value of the property.

Call our expert roofing team at Great Western Roofing if your home requires inspection or pending certification. We’ll bring your roof up to code and can offer design advice with regard to aesthetics and functionality when it comes to tying your home together. Call us for a quote or pre-inspection repair estimate today, so we can help you reach your home improvement goals tomorrow.

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Color Sense: Picking The Perfect Shade

Looking to add the perfect level of pizazz to your home’s exterior ahead of 2018? Maybe you’re gearing up to sell, or one of your resolutions involves a home makeover. Either way, changing up the color of your roof can be a bold yet welcome change in creating the perfect facade for your home that’s reflective of your style while still providing high-quality protection from the elements. Whether the idea is purely driven by cosmetic reasons or you’re thinking of pairing the color switch with a roof replacement for functional purposes, it’s a detail that can make all the difference in catching people’s eye in the neighborhood.

Unfortunately, changing up a roof’s color is not as simple as a paint job. Because your roof provides so much exterior coverage, we recommend staying out of the bold color palette areas when it comes to choosing a fresh color. We also believe homeowners should consult a roofing expert to make sure a high-quality roof with the right materials for their home’s location is available in the color they have in mind, or at least achievable given their available budget and materials.

If you’re looking to sell your home in the new year, keep in mind that buyers often make decision about a home within the first 10 seconds of taking in its exterior. Choosing a color palette that compliments a home’s surroundings while also looking clean-cut, updated, and inviting, many a buyer will come to call. But, one wrong statement from the color department can deter most interested buyers who would jump at the chance to buy your home otherwise. Also be sure to keep your home in accordance with rules set forth by your neighborhood’s homeowners association, so that you and your potential buyer may avoid HOA fees associated with bringing your home back to ‘code’. Check out pre-designed color palettes put together by local and national designers at your local realtor’s office or home improvement store to continue pulling together ideas about a potential change in roof color or material. If your color scheme plays by the rules and works for your design vision, our team at Great Western Roofing can then help you make that vision a reality.

We’ll walk you through the selection process and offer competitive, high-quality roof installation services. We also do repairs, shingle patching, as well as custom jobs. Call us today for a consultation and roof inspection to get you one step closer to the perfect roof solution!

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Extended Structure Roof Maintenance at Great Western Roofing

At Great Western Roofing, we don’t just focus on the roof of your home’s main structure. When performing high quality services, other roof panels on spaces like a front or backyard deck are often even more at risk for damage from weather and time. We’re happy to offer holistic roofing services to area homeowners that focuses on your home as a whole, rather than just the main roof’s shingles and gutters. Be sure to keep an eye on the following aspects of your roof and extended structures like your porches and decks, and call Great Western Roofing’s expert technicians if you see any potential repair needs.

Time-Related Wear & Tear

Roofing repair and replacement often turns from a want to a need if your roof is more than ten years old. No roof can live up to expectations or properly protect your home and what’s inside if it hasn’t seen a replacement for two decades or more. If time has taken a hold of your roof and its quality and integrity, be sure to give our technicians a call as soon as possible. Putting off recommended maintenance and repair is often the fastest way to spending even more money on more costly repairs down the road.

Weather Damage

Generalized damage often happens to a roof during and after large-scale weather events. In Colorado, we deal with quite a few of these, and they can often be dramatic and fast-moving as you get closer to the Rocky Mountains. If your roof shingles are are damaged, falling off, or blown away, call a technicians to make repairs as soon as possible. If water seems to be draining to a particular spot on your roof rather than off the edge and down the gutter, your roof is at risk to develop a leak in the attic or upper floor. These are the kinds of things a Great Western Roofing technician can fix in no time.

Keeping Cost in Mind

As we mentioned before, keeping up with regular maintenance is proven to save you money in the long-term. Waiting around for an emergency leads to costly repairs, since emergency roofing services are done on a faster timeline and priced higher as a result, and a last-minute draw from any emergency funds. Budget ahead of time for annual or event-related maintenance with Great Western Roofing and sleep better at night knowing the roof over your head is solid and well-maintained.

At Great Western Roofing, we’re committed to providing our community with dependable, professional services at a fair price for you and your family. Pick up the phone and schedule an inspection or repair appointment with us today.

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Home Inspection Tips From Great Western Roofing

Ready for your home inspection? If the answer is no, we at Great Western Roofing have put together a list of points you’ll want to give a second glance to before your inspection appointment to ensure you pass with flying colors.

It’s important for potential homebuyers to take these small details seriously to ensure their future home is safe and comfortable for years to come. Think of it this way; if it’s a question you would ask when walking through a home, it’s most likely a question a potential homebuyer may ask of your home as well.

Moisture in the Basement and Attic

Inspectors are sure to scale the walls of any unfinished basement space for signs of mineral deposits near the floor. These often manifest in white marks on concrete walls. If you store things in your basement, inspectors will often take note of this as well, since it’s a sign those items on the floor do not get wet on a regular basis. Any signs of mildew or odor related to it will also be noted

Plumbing Problems

Inspectors will look for any leaks or clogged pipes in your home’s plumbing system. Beyond looking for leaks, they will perform various tests to check your home’s water pressure. These checks will look for pipes that are beginning to rust, too small for your home, or breaking down in any way. Water quality is another important aspect to home inspections, and plumbing problems are often the culprit if poor water quality is detected.

Eerie Electrical

A home inspector has a few basic points to check when looking at your home’s electrical wiring. Not only is it required to show at least 100 amps of service, but wiring should be made of copper or aluminum. They will inspect outlets for potential fire hazards and to assure your home is properly wired and circuited for the average homeowner’s needs. Keep in mind that large appliances cost several hundred dollars to replace.


Next, inspectors are sure to look at your home’s heating and cooling system, as well as insulation. If your furnace is in good condition, within it’s life span of about two decades, and your vents are blowing out clean air to the naked eye, this part of the inspection will most likely be a breeze. If your home has a draft due to a window or poorly insulated room, this will be noted. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors will also be checked during this time.


Here’s where a local business like Great Western Roofing comes in. Inspectors look for shingle wear, damage from weather, leaks, and clogged or damaged gutters. Turn to our experts for all your repair needs over the years; we’re guaranteed to go above and beyond to make your roof last as long as possible.

Foundation and Rotting Wood

Inspectors will spend a bit of time on this part, assuring your home not only sits on solid ground, but also solid foundation. And any rotting wood in your home’s framework may be easily detected and noted by an inspector.

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Great Western Roofing Guide to Skylight Installation

With 300 days of sunshine on average, Denver-area homeowners might be missing out on a key way to naturally light their home without a skylight. Sure, they’re an add-on to many track homes in the area, but an investment in this unique feature can be a great way to add value to your home and differentiate it from other properties on the block. Of course, the winter season may not be the right time to install a skylight feature, but any successful renovation requires planning, and now is the time to start.

Not only would it add natural light to a space, but skylights can also add ventilation to rooms that do not get as much as others. Plus, a skylight that’s installed correctly is built to last, assuring your home’s roof stays as strong as it was before adding a window feature into the mix. For some, it’s even possible to engineer a skylight or window on a sloped roof that can double as a balcony! That’s high-level engineering and creativity, to say the least. If you’re interested in installing a skylight window feature in your home over the next year, we’ve put together a few details to make sure you think through before making a decision.

First, let our experts at Great Western Roofing help you sift through the variety of skylight materials on the market. We’re not only the right contractor for the job, but also one of the most knowledgeable and reliable in Aurora. Our local know-how and years of experience on the job means we can provide you with quality service and peace of mind when installation day finally comes. We’re committed to helping you add value to your home by offering the best service and experience possible. We’ll take you through differing designs and ventilation options when it comes to concepting and planning your skylight feature. Next, we’ll discuss size. Problems arise as a skylight gets larger, including structural barriers and the probability for leakage or damage. We’ll be sure to help you choose the best size skylight for your home, based on its size and the amount of natural light you want to achieve with your new feature.

After that, it’s time to choose the type of skylight feature you want to install. Do you want one that’s fixed or one that opens? Will it open automatically or by hand? Will it include ventilation, and if so, how much? We often recommend fixed skylights for Denver-area homeowners, since weather can change quickly and they are totally leak-roof and sealed no matter what. Ventilation often offers the most advantage and payoff in a kitchen or bathroom space compared to other rooms in a home. They also tend to be the cheaper option, which can be a win-win for first-time skylight renovators. Allow our experts install your skylight to assure proper sealing and ventilation and avoid mold or mildew build-up over time.

And, when it comes to sun, there is one expert recommendation you should know. Because skylights allow light and heat to enter your home, maintaining energy efficiency is a detail homeowners must consider. Based on Colorado’s location, experts recommend situating a skylight at about 49 degrees.

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Our Experience with Owens Corning

In 2009 Great Western Roofing and Construction was born, with the simple idea of helping the Denver are with a problem that they may or may not know they have, they’re roof. It may seem like a small measure for to take care of a roof that seems to last forever. The more and more we inspected roofs, we found that there were far too many instances of debilitated roofs, causing many people problems that they weren’t even aware of. Leaks from nowhere, excess heating and cooling bills, etc., all leading to more money out of their pockets. So, we acted. After almost 8 years of business we have helped over 4,000 families protect themselves from disaster, all while increasing the overall equity of their home, therefore, putting money back into their pockets.
There was one little problem when we started though, what materials should we use to make sure our customers were taken care of long term? With so much to account for on the backend, how do we choose the right companies?
In Owens Corning, we trust.
That’s right, not just another large company trying to peddle out as much product as they can, rather, a great partner that cares about the quality of roofs (shingles) that they stand behind. We have found that over the last seven years they have always provided great pricing, paired with, a great product that will protect your home for years to come.
With a vast array of shingles (and color types), Owens Corning has become a top-seller of ours. Although the Duration shingles seem to be the most popular, many of our customers have found solace in the variety that we can provide to completely match the exterior of the home. It’s not just the aesthetic appeal that brings people in; there are many advantages to Owens Corning:
1. A large, and I mean LARGE, variety.
Boasting over 98 colors of shingles is no small measure, trust me on that. When pairing all those colors with their shingle variety, such as, Duration, Oakridge, Berkshire, Woodmoor, Woodcrest, and Supreme, it leaves for so many options that you can be backed by an assurance that your house will be at its best after the job is finished.
2. This means…
They are going to meet your needs no matter what it is you’re looking for. When paired with a general contractor to do your roof then this proves to be a very valuable asset.
3. Warranty, warranty, warranty
Incredible warranty. If you’ve ever purchased anything of significant value, then you know that this is always an important thing to have. The protection on such a big purchase cannot be stressed enough, especially being that with Traditional shingles being covered up to 25 years. If you own your home, you’re covered.
4. They save you money
Energy Star® Ratings, the ability to reflect heat and reduce air conditioning costs, are paramount on any shingles you would consider. Owens Corning, offers some of the best ratings out there. That means that during the winter you’re spending less on heating and during the summer less on air conditioning, overall, saving you money throughout the whole year. They will even help extend the life of your roof by reflecting more heat.

Honestly, it seems like the choices are never ending but when working with the right people it’s an easy process. We’ve worked for years on end to bring our people the satisfaction of knowing that they are covered. With using Owens Corning, we can rest assured that there not be unanticipated problems. There’s a reason they’ve been around for so long; their incredible craftsmanship speaks for itself.

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How to know when it’s time to replace your roof

When it comes to replacing anything now-a-days there are many factors that play a part when deciding if it needs to be replaced or not. Most notably, the aesthetics. The decisiveness of a newer appearance of an item can make or break a social status. Staying up-to-date has become a crucial part of being a part of a successful community.
Old phone model? We can tell. Time to upgrade.
Old clothes? That was so last year. Time to upgrade.
Battered shingles? Roof doesn’t look good from the street? I’m losing money!?
Yes, you heard right. When it comes to your roof, not only will a gaudy appearance change how your neighbors look at you but could be costing you thousands of dollars. Think about that, possibly $20,000 down the drain when the trade of getting it done is as much as your deductible, cleverly negotiated with your insurance company. Many companies, in all states, work with the specific intent of getting your roof replaced at a very low cost all for the meaning of increasing the equity of your home. They do make money off doing such (as any company) but the cost of service makes it all worth it. My company, Great Western Roofing & Construction (based out of beautiful Denver, CO) is one such institution that was built on repairing roofs with intent to help out the community as much as they can.
More than most people know, this can be a vital part of not only your own fiscal responsibility, but also, protecting everything you’ve built in your life. Many times, this seemingly small facet of an individual system is over-looked due to the hustle and bustle of everyday life but can cause so much damage when not properly attended to.

A few things to look out for:

-When’s the last time you had work done to your roof?
One of the main indicators that you need a roof replacement is merely for the fact that it is old. If unattended to for such a long time it can slowly degrade due to normal wear and tear. Many roofs are covered for up to 20 years (depending on your policy) but if it has been, at the very least, 10 years then it may be time to replace your roof.
-Curb appeal?
It goes without saying that you want your house to look beautiful. One way to eyeball a roof without being an expert yourself is to simply observe it from the outside and if it strikes you as not looking that great then it might be time to replace it. Just getting the general gist of how the shingles look can help with any indecisiveness.
-Shingle dust?
Generally, referred to as granules. As shingles start withering, they will break off into small pieces that will look like sand. If you start finding this “sand” around your yard, then it is most certainly time to replace your roof.
-Paint doesn’t look too good?
A leaking roof can cause exterior paint around the perimeter to deteriorate. It can even seep into the inside of the house and cause interior damage, exponentially growing the amount you will have to pay to make repairs.
-Bills on the rise?
The ideal roof works as an insulator against tremendous heat or harsh colds. Yet another sign of a roof needing to be replaced is if you are paying more than normal for heating or air conditioning.

These can be crucial steps in avoiding any long-term damage to your home and, overall, avoid disastrous consequences. Choosing the right roofer is just as important. It is a necessity to vet any roofer you may come across. Generally speaking, anybody that has been in business over 5 years (specifically speaking to roofing) is probably a contractor that stands by their work and will do everything within their power to get you taken care of. Great Western Roofing & Construction, for example, has been in business for seven years and has done over 4,000 jobs. This is a staple that we stand by; we are proud of all the happy homeowners we have helped over the years.

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