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Three Things You Need to Know About Roof Ventilation in Parker, CO

In our previous posts, we’ve covered topics relating to roof and gutter maintenance, shingle replacement and the different types of material options you have when you re-roof your home.

For this post, we wanted to focus on the importance of proper roof ventilation.

Yes, roof ventilation.

It’s something that many people don’t pay much attention to, but having proper ventilation is just as important as keeping an eye on the state of your shingles and flashing.

If a roof isn’t properly ventilated it can increase moisture levels in your home. It’s also worth noting that an improperly ventilated roof can also shorten your roof’s lifespan.

What you need to know about icicles

Sure, icicles can be nice to look at, but if you notice that you have significant icicle build up along the edge of your roof, you should know that all that frozen water can cause quite a bit of damage.

Not only can icicles damage your gutters, if you have ice that’s building up on your roof, well, the results can be disastrous.

It all comes down to ventilation.

If the heat in your home (and/or attic) doesn’t have a way to escape, it will team up with the heat from the sun, which will cause the snow that’s on top of your home to melt.  The problem comes after the water drips toward the edge of your roof, and re-freezes.

The bottom line is this—if you have an icicle problem, you have a ventilation problem.

Roof ventilation is just as important during the summer

If you think that a lack of proper ventilation only causes problems in the winter, you’re wrong.

In the summer, a roof that’s not ventilated property can cause your attic to become very warm and humid. And while most people don’t see this as much of a problem (because people don’t exactly spend a lot of time hanging out in their attics), they couldn’t be more wrong.

Why? Because heat build-up in your attic can damage your shingles.

A properly ventilated attic can ward off these problems, which can in turn, extend the life of your roof.

The moral of the story

If you haven’t given much thought to roof ventilation, now would be the time to do it. When it’s working properly, it can prevent the types of damage that’s caused by ice, and it can also help ward off heat damage to your shingles.

As an added bonus, a properly ventilated roof can help save you money on your energy bill.

Roof ventilation experts in Parker, CO

When you contact Great Western Roofing, you can rest easy that you’re working with one of the top-rated, most reputable roofing companies in the region. Not only have we been serving Parker, CO homeowners for almost a decade, our commitment to quality has made us the most recommended roofing contractor in Colorado.

For more information on our company, our rates, or to schedule a free estimate, call Great Western Roofing today at 720-379-8175 to get started.

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Top 3 Reasons to Inspect Your Roof During the Spring

Now that the weather has finally started to get warmer, you’re probably itching to get outside—and yes, while we understand that things like springtime sports, jogging and trail hiking may be at the top of your outdoor activities list, there are other things you’ll want to do as well.

You’ll want to clean up the lawn, freshen up the garden and inspect your roof.

Your roof, much like your car, needs some regular TLC. If you fail to maintain it, you could find yourself paying for expensive repairs that may have been preventable.

Below you’ll find our top three reasons to maintain (and inspect) the roof on your Parker, Colorado home during the spring.

You’ll catch small problems before they turn into big ones

Most roofing companies in Parker, CO will recommend that you inspect your roof at least once, if not twice per year. During these inspections, you’ll want to look for things such as damaged or loose shingles, missing shingles, and ones that show signs of curling.

When you catch small problems as they happen, you can prevent them from getting bigger. Besides, replacing a few shingles today will be far less costly than ignoring the problem until you find yourself in need of a full re-roofing.

If you have questions about the types of roof repairs we can help you with, or to schedule, a time for a free, no-obligation estimate, call Great Western Roofing today at 720-379-8175.

You can address gutter damage as it happens

As a general rule of thumb, you’ll want to inspect your gutters each time you inspect your roof. You’re already up there, right?

During the inspection, you’ll want to clear your gutters of leaves, twigs and other types of debris. Once they’re clean look for signs of rust, cracking, splitting and holes. If you stumble across any of these problems, you’ll want to contact Great Western Roofing right away.

Our company has been providing a full range of gutter repair services to Parker, Colorado home owners for nearly a decade. Our rates are competitive and our commitment to customer service and customer satisfaction is unwavering.

You’ll be able to evict unwanted tenants

Animals aren’t supposed to live on top of, or in your roof overhangs. Sure, the critters may think your roof is an ideal place to dwell, but their presence can do a lot of damage.

That damage can often be expensive to repair.

If you come across nests, you’ll want to get rid of those right away.

Roof maintenance experts in Parker, Colorado

We understand that you have many options when it comes to roof repair and roof maintenance companies, but you should know that each contractor is not like the next.

When you contact Great Western Roofing, you’ll be working with a company that has the know-how, the experience and the expertise to get the job done right.

For more information on our roof inspection services, roof repair rates or to schedule a free, no-hassle repair estimate, call us today at 720-389-8175 to get started.

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Parker Colorado Rubber Roofing Experts

If you’ve come to the realization that it’s time to replace the roof on your Parker, Colorado home, you’ve probably realized you have some options.

Although roofs of the past were mostly comprised of shingles, today’s roofing systems run the full gamut—from clay to shingles, and from metal to asphalt. Suffice to say, it can be difficult to choose which type of system will be best for your home.

At Great Western Roofing, we’ve been helping Parker, CO homeowners with all of their roofing needs for nearly a decade. Not only do we have the know-how, we have the experience to get the job done fast, done right, and on budget. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest levels of customer care in the region.

Going rubber

There are a few benefits of installing a rubber roofing system (also known as an EPDM roof), so for this blog post, we thought we’d go over the most common advantages.

But first, we wanted to break down the acronym. Essentially, EPDM stands for ethylene, propylene diene terpolymer. Why is this type of system great? We’ll tell you:

  • EPDM roofing systems create an extremely durable membrane
  • EPDM roofing systems are a great choice for low-slope structures
  • It’s hail resistant
  • Rubber roofs offer flexibility in freezing temperatures
  • Rubber roofs are highly resistant to fire
  • They’re resistant to extreme heat
  • They’re also highly resistant to wind damage
  • This type of roofing system can provide resistance to ultra violet (UV) radiation

If you still have questions about the pros and cons of rubber roofing systems, or you have questions about how the up-front costs associated with an EPDM system will differ from other types of roofing materials, we can help.

For more information on the associated costs, and what the installation process would look like, call Great Western Roofing today at 720-379-8175. If you’d like, we’ll be happy to help you schedule a free, no-hassle rubber roofing estimate.

Technical stuff

When you choose this type of roofing system, you’ll be choosing one that’s will provide a fully-adhered membrane between the exterior and interior of your residence.  Ultimately, it’s a roof that’s glued down and will include glued-down seams and flashings.

They also come with an impressive lifespan (the average lifespan for an EPDM system generally runs between 25 and 30 years.) Not only is this longer than the type of lifespan of other types of roofing materials, it’s also cost-effective, which is why rubber roofs are gaining in popularity.

EPDM roofing experts

Regardless as to whether you want to move forward with re-roofing your home today, or if you’re simply fact-finding for the future, we can help.

Our company has been in business since 2009 and our years of experience, combined with our commitment to excellence are among the reasons we’re the top-rated choice for roof repair and re-roofing in Parker, Colorado.

Call our office today at 720-379-8175 to be directly connected to a rubber roofing specialist in your area.

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Tips for Maintaining the Roof on Your Parker, CO Home

Roofing systems are expensive, which means you’ll want to be sure to maintain what you have so you can make sure it has the longest possible lifespan.

As adults, we’re all aware of the need to maintain our cars.

If we don’t change the oil or flush the engine fluids, they’re bound to break down much sooner than later. The same type of situation applies to your roof.  If you maintain it, it will continue to do its job (aka, keeping rain, sleet and snow outside of your home). If you neglect it, you could find yourself on the hook for expensive repairs (or in some cases, an entire re-roofing) far sooner than should have been necessary.

Hail and snow and ice, oh my

The cold, winter months may be behind us, but that’s not to say last year’s snow, ice and hail didn’t take a toll on your roof.

When you contact the Parker, Colorado roofing experts at Great Western Roofing, we’ll help schedule an appointment for a contractor help survey for damage. If we see something that needs to be addressed, we’ll provide you a free, no-hassle estimate for the repair. Our company is open Monday through Friday between the hours of 9am and 5pm. Call us now at 720-379-8175 to learn more about our free roof maintenance estimates.

Don’t forget the gutters

A lot of people fail to realize just how important their gutter systems are. If they’re rusted, broken or if they’re falling apart, this could cause tens of thousands of dollars to your home.

Suffice to say, you’ll want to inspect them on a semi-regular basis. Are they filled with leaves, twigs or other types of debris? If so, you’ll want to address that.

Most experts say that gutters should be cleaned once or twice a year. (Once is good, but twice is better.) When the cleaning is complete, you may want to consider trimming back tree overhangs and branches that may have contributed to the debris.

You should also inspect your gutters for holes, loose sections and rust. If you’ve determined you have one or more problems, contact Great Western Roofing today to learn more about our gutter repair services.

Inspecting your shingles and flashing

While you’re cleaning the gutters, be sure to take a close look at your shingles and inspect for signs of damage. If you have damaged, loose, curling or missing shingles, you’ll want to address the issue as quickly as possible.

The same goes for your roof’s flashing (aka, the metal pieces that provide seals and seams around skylights, windows, and points where two or more slopes of your roof meet together.)

If you see signs of rust, or you’ve noticed that some of the pieces are cracked or worn, this should also be repaired ASAP.

Parker, Colorado roofing experts

If you have questions about basic roof maintenance, or you’d like to schedule a time for one of our experienced roofers to help inspect your roof for damage, call us today at 720-379-8175.

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How To Choose The Right Roofer For Your Denver, Colorado Home

Finding out that you need a roof repair or replacement is not always the best news. Then there’s the actual task of finding and choosing the right one. The process can be seriously overwhelming. So how should you choose the right roofer? Follow this guide when it comes to finding the right roofer for your Denver, Colorado home.

  1. Do your research. ALWAYS do your research. Educate yourself and become knowledgeable about your options and how to meet your desired outcome. This will also help you answer some questions your roofer may have for you during your inspection.
  1. Check reviews. Once you’ve done some research, look at each company’s reviews. Great Western Roofing has a 5/5 star rating for Colorado Roofing. Check them out here: http://www.greatwesternroofing.com/reviews.
  1. You get what you pay for. In the case of finding the right roofer, cheaper is not always better. Look for quality all around. Quality of materials, quality in business practices, and quality customer service. The lowest bid on a new roof can be tempting, especially if you’re tight on funds. As the saying goes, “good work ain’t cheap, and cheap work ain’t good.” Good roofing companies know they have to be competitive to stay in business. But they also want the job done right – their reputation follows them. City permits, proper training, safety measures, equipment maintenance and insurance – they all cost money. Most of the time, cheaper companies are taking shortcuts in materials and they may even ask you for more money before they have completed the job.
  1. Use a local roofing company. Location matters when it comes to roofing. A quality roofer that is familiar with your area will get the correct permits. They will be familiar with local roofing installation codes and procedures, including homeowner association specifications. And they will also know about local trends in roof styles and products and building materials in general. Furthermore, local roofers know local weather peculiarities also – that is important! Especially living in Denver, Colorado where the weather is as unpredictable as can be. Reputable local area roofers have strong affiliations with local suppliers and insurance agents. Which means faster and better service. This can really work to your advantage when a really bad storm blows through. And of course, local companies will still be around to honor their warranty when the storm-chasers go back home which leads us to our next point.
  1. The Better Business Bureau advises the following when choosing a roofing company – a legitimate roofing company should be able to provide the following:
  • Local references and roofing testimonials
  • Business License
  • Roofing credentials
  • Workers compensation insurance
  • General liability insurance
  • Written manufacturer warranties
  1. Take your time when signing a contract. Get a written estimate that includes any oral promises the contractor made. Remember to ask if there’s a charge for an estimate before allowing anyone into your home.

Call Great Western Roofing at (720) 379-8175 to schedule an appointment. We offer free roofing inspections.

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The Benefits of Roof Replacement For Your Denver, Colorado Home

The idea of replacing your roof can be daunting. You could be worried that it will be time-consuming, expensive, intimidating, and inconvenient. However, the benefits of replacing your roof for your Denver, Colorado home can outweigh the cons. Because the average roof can last for decades, most homeowners overlook the necessity to replace their roof until it’s too late. Indeed, roof replacements are a substantial investment. Roof replacements still stand as one of the most critical aspects of safeguarding the structural integrity of your home. A healthy roof equals a healthy house. Check out these benefits of roof replacement for your Denver, Colorado home.

Increased energy efficiency – It goes without saying that leaks in your roofing can lead to increased energy bills whether you’re running the AC in the summer or heat in the winter. Furthermore, “the innovative shingles deliver on the promise of limiting solar heat gain,” according to Lincon of Sears Home Services. This means that replacing your roof with new shingles could result in a way more energy efficient roof. Look for shingles that carry an Energy Star rating. There are shingles that have earned the Energy Star designation for their ability to reduce cooling demand and help homeowners save.

A new and improved home – You’d be surprised how a new roof can make your house look. Upgrading your home with a new roof can make your entire home look brand new.

Increased home value – With a new roof, your home looks like new and now it has a higher resale value. Did you know that many prospective buyers walk away from homes that would soon be in need of an expensive new roof? Homeowners often recoup more than half the amount invested in a new roof. Think of it as an investment of your home for the future. If you know that you will eventually sell your home, this is truly one of the best investments you can make.

Safety – A damaged and leaking roof can be a hazard to your home and family’s safety. What if there is a thunderstorm or hailstorm? A broken roof cannot protect you from the elements of nature. And don’t forget about the outside critters. Do you really want birds, animals, and insects entering your home because your roof has holes in it? Furthermore, if your roof is damaged, it could collapse on someone. Don’t risk injuring a family member or pet with a deteriorating roof.

Warranty – Another important benefit of roof replacement is your new roof will be covered by a warranty (if you install the roof with the help of an expert). As a result, you get peace of mind and added safety considering the fact that any issue with roof damages will be handled by the experts during the warranty period.

If you need the roof of your Denver, Colorado home inspected or replaced, call Great Western Roofing at (720) 379-8175 to schedule an appointment. We offer free roofing inspections.

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The Benefits of Roof Repair for Your Denver, Colorado Home

The roof is one of the most important parts of your home. Repairing or replacing a roof can be a difficult decision for a homeowner. It’s easy to overlook the issues and downplay their importance in order to save a pretty penny. Repairing your visibly damaged roof can also help you avoid nasty fines from the dreaded HOA. When it comes to the benefits of roof repair for your Denver, Colorado home, consider these:

Increases property value – Timely roof repairs increase longevity and value of your property. Keep in mind that even minor damages should be repaired immediately. Inspect your roof regularly, especially after a violent storm. If it needs repairing, do not procrastinate. A new roof makes your home much easier to sell. Furthermore, with an average return on investment (ROI) of 67-70%, new roofs are one of the best home improvement projects around.

Safety – A damaged roof can be potentially hazardous. Your beautiful Denver, Colorado home is meant to house and protect you and your family. Don’t risk you and your family’s safety with a roof that needs repairs. The longer you wait to replace that old, dilapidated roof, the more dangerous the situation can become. An old roof in some cases may collapse or cause part of the home to become unstable. Whenever you try to repair roof leaks on your own, it can cause an accident. However, if you let a professional do the work, he or she will do the job carefully and safely to ensure that you and your family are safe.

Keep animals, birds, and insects out – Damaged roofs tend to have holes that attract wildlife, birds, and insects where they can build nests, breed, and spread to other areas of your home. Prevent these unwanted intruders by repairing your roof as soon as it needs it.

New Look – A new roof can have windows or a skylight installed, which will bring more light into the attic or into the house in general. This will naturally make your home feel more upgraded. Who doesn’t like a good upgrade?!

Stress reduction and a better view – Constantly looking at a damaged rooftop can ruin your mood. You spent all this time and money to move into a good home. Why should you sacrifice your well-being for a damaged roof? No one wants the continued worry of a roof’s ability to withstand the elements and hardships of Mother Nature. Knowing your roof is solid, possibly warrantied for many years, and will keep your property dry and warm inside presents a wonderful peace-of-mind.

Energy Efficiency – Chances are that your old roof is leaking cool air, meaning your HVAC system needs to work harder to achieve your desired indoor temperature. This also means better insulation in the winter months. A new and improved roof can help you save a bunch of money on your energy bill.

When it comes to inspecting your roof, call us at Great Western Roofing at (720) 379-8175 to avoid overlooking leakages and cracks.

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What is the Denver Green Roof Initiative?

The Denver Green Roof Initiative was passed on Tuesday, November 7th, 2017, requiring all new builds to include sustainable roof improvements. The initiative has gone into effect as of January 1st, 2018. The requirements of the ordinance will apply to projects for “any new building with a gross floor area of 25,000 square feet or more or a building addition that causes the building to become 25,000 square feet or more, and any existing building over 25,000 square feet that is seeking to do a roof replacement” that submit a site development plan on or after this date, according to the City and County of Denver. This initiative’s goals are to make Denver a greener place.

Green roofs across Denver provide a solution to the city’s growing problems. Denver is the 3rd highest in the U.S. for Urban Heat Island which absorbs warmth from the sun and increases the city’s temperature higher than surrounding cities. This makes Denver nearly 5 degrees warmer. Adding green rooftops with plants and growing media will absorb the sun’s rays and the extra heat. Green roofs can also reduce heat-flow through the roof by 70% to 90% in the summer and 10% to 30% in the winter, according to the National Research Council of Canada. This process that will help keep the building cooler is called evapotranspiration. By lowering the city’s Urban Heat Island effect, green roofs promote cooler days and less energy consumption throughout each building in Denver. The Green Roof Initiative is an active campaign to promote environmental awareness for the city of Denver.

With Denver’s growth comes a massive increase in the concrete in the city. This creates storm-water drainage issues. In Denver, where intense heavy storms come out of nowhere, it is very important to have proper storm-water drainage. This is an ever-increasing problem as the city continues to grow. These intense storms drop so much rain that the drains can’t handle it all and the streets become flooded. This polluted stormwater runoff overflows into our lands, streams, and rivers. Green roofs solve this problem by retaining and releasing storm-water.

Green roofs also help facilitate one of Denver’s sustainability goals for 2020 which is to grow and produce 20% of food in Denver. Buildings are permitted to use the rooftop space for urban agriculture. This allows for the building to rent out their rooftop space to urban farmers who can then supply their goods around the city. Another sustainability goal is to attain all national air quality standards. Green space at roof levels help filter air and traps dust and other particles much better than a traditional roof.

The Green Roof Initiative 300 won by an 8.5% margin. It was created for the citizens of Denver to have a healthier, more sustainable future. Great Western Roofing is on a mission to help builders and businesses meet the new regulations for the Denver Green Roof Initiative. We are Denver’s roofing contractor and we’re here to provide our city with quality.

For more information on our services call our office now at (720) 379-8175.

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Dangers of Denver DIY Roof Replacement

If you’re considering a DIY roof replacement for your Denver, Colorado home, we have two words for you.

Just. Don’t.

Sure, “doing it yourself” might save you a few bucks out of the gate, but 99 times out of 100, it will cost you more (a lot more) down the road.  Below are just a few of the reasons that DIY roof replacement in Denver, CO is a bad idea.

  • You probably know less than you think you do. Sure, you may have watched a few instructional “how to” videos on the web, but does that really make you qualified to do this type of work? When you work with a licensed and insured roofing company in Denver, Colorado you can rest assured the repairs will be done correctly. The average DIY weekend warrior doesn’t have that type of experience under his or her belt—and that lack of experience can lead to big (and oftentimes, expensive) mistakes.
  • A DIY repair places you at risk of injury. At Great Western Roofing we have years upon years of experience in helping Denver, CO homeowners handle a wide variety of roof repair and replacement projects. And, since we have the necessary training, we know how to do the work in the safest way possible. A novice (or completely inexperienced) roofer is far more likely to injure themselves.
  • Warranty? Ha! What warranty?! Your roof is one of the most important components of your home, and an experienced, professional roofing contractor will provide you with a warranty on materials and If problems arise down the road, that warranty can be worth its weight in gold. On the other hand, if the repairs are done by you and your two buddies from the gym (aka, Bill the accountant and Rob the auto mechanic) you won’t have a warranty to fall back on if you need it. Yikes!
  • If you mess things up, you’re likely to cause additional problems. Sure, trying to tackle your roofing issue by yourself may seem like a great idea, but you run the risk of causing bigger (and more expensive) problems. If this happens, the cost to have a roofing contractor in Denver fix the original problem (along with the new ones) can be very, very expensive. It’s always better to leave this type of thing to the pros.
  • Pros can get it done faster. When you work with an experienced roofing contractor in Denver, they’ll have the experience, training and know-how that’s needed to get the job done right, and get the job done fast. The work will be done efficiently and in a timely manner.  The same can’t always be said for you and your friends.

Denver’s most trusted residential and commercial roofing company

Regardless as to whether you need help with a simple or complex roofing issue, the pros at Great Western Roofing have your back. We specialize in all types of roof repair, maintenance and reroofing projects and we have thousands of satisfied customers throughout the region.

Call our office today at 720-379-8175 now to learn why Great Western Roofing is the most called roofing contractor in Denver, CO.

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How to Find A Qualified Roofing Contractor in Denver

So you think you need a roofer…

If you’ve found yourself in a place where you need to hire a qualified, experienced roofing contactor in Denver, it’s natural to have lots of questions about what that process should look like. Below are just a few of our top-rated tips to ensure you hire the best possible service provider.

  • Ask around. One of the best ways to find a reliable roofing contractor is through word-of-mouth recommendations. Has the guy at the end of your block been raving about the company that just re-roofed his home? Or, has the guy next door been huffing and puffing about the lack of professionalism, customer service and workmanship he’s been dealing with, due to the company he hired? All of this is worth considering. When you ask around for word of mouth recommendations, you’ll get the good, the bad and the ugly from people you know you can trust.
  • Check the internet. Another great place to find a Denver, CO roofing company is online. Be sure to check out websites such as Angie’s List, Yelp, the Better Business Bureau and even the National Roofing Contractor’s Association (NCRA).  All of those websites will provide you a wealth of information.
  • Get multiple quotes. Most homeowners find they prefer to get quotes from three qualified roofing companies in Denver.  When you receive the quote, you’ll need to evaluate more than just the cost. You will also want to consider how long the company has been in business, the types of reviews they’ve received from prior customers and the types of complaints, if any, that prior customer have levied against them.  The cheapest quote is not always the best quote!
  • Make sure your chosen company is licensed, bonded and insured. If you’ve never needed to hire a contractor before, you may be unaware of the importance of making sure they are licensed, bonded and insured. The dangers of hiring a company that isn’t licensed, bonded and insured are far too many to list in one blog post (we could go on for days about why that is a bad, bad idea.) Always, always work with a company that has the proper credentials.
  • Ask if they work with subcontractors. This is another important issue to consider. Most Denver, CO homeowners prefer to work with companies that hire, train and employ their own workforce. If the company you’re using does subcontract, find out who the subcontractors are and try to get as much information about the subcontracting company as you can, before you make any final decisions.
  • Ask about warranties. Lastly, ask if the Denver, Colorado roofing company provides warranties on labor in addition to a warranty on materials. A company that provides warranties on both can provide you with extra peace of mind.

If you need to repair or replace your roof, we can help. At Great Western Roofing we have years of experience in helping both residential and commercial clients with all of their roofing needs. Call us today at 720-379-8175 to get started.

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